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traithlon camp mallorca

Global Triathlon Camp Organizers

Athletes have their own individual talents, strengths, and weaknesses, but they can’t achieve their goals and succeed with only these factors alone. They need to start somewhere with the help of others, especially those with wider experiences. You can find all these and more at a triathlon training camp.

Check out these triathlon training camp organizers that host events and camps across the globe to help amateur, advanced, and professional athletes be better prepared in facing more demanding challenges.

Bayliss Multisport Training

Bayliss is a travel-sport agency and a coaching organization founded by Stephen and Bella Bayliss, Britain’s most successful Ironman couple that currently holds approximately 20 Ironman titles. Stephen, Bella, and other professionals from Bayliss host annual triathlon training camps in various countries and offer personal coaching services.

Got To Tri

Got To Tri is an organization built by amateur and professional athletes. Got To Tri was born to serve triathletes who wanted to train more and in warmer climes, so the organization offers triathlon camps worldwide for the novice, improvers, Ironman participants, and women. They are one of the few triathlon camps offering women-only training.

InturSports Travel Services

InturSports Travel Services is a travel-sport agency based in Castellón, Spain. They host a multitude of cycling and triathlon training camps in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Malaga, Portugal, and Great Britain for professional and amateur teams.


IstriaBike is an expert in providing guided road cycling and triathlon training camps in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The organizer welcomes thousands of road bikers every year. Their biggest annual event is Istria300 Bike Week, a week full of four-guided road bike tours of different levels with local and experienced guides.

MX Endurance

MX Endurance offers amateur athletes a chance to get access to a global network of athletes and experts through training camps, training plans, podcasts, and other activities and resources. MX Endurance already hosted triathlon camps in Thailand, Ottawa, New Castle, Australia, and other countries.

Mile 18

Mile Eighteen curates cycling and triathlon camps, gravel camps, and other training opportunities and adventures for endurance athletes worldwide. Mile 18 and its loyal athletes have already explored locations in the domestic US and in Europe. Most of their international camps are held in Mallorca and the French Alps.

Nirvana Europe

Nirvana Europe has been organizing 100 sports events annually and training camps for triathletes since 1999. They were one of the responsible organizers for the Great North Run, the world’s biggest half marathon. On top of events, they also specialize in travel and accommodation, sports equipment transportation, event consultation, and other sports and travel services.


O-Sports presents an array of thrilling international athletics and triathlon training camps in some of Europe’s most enticing locations: Portugal and Spain. Its team provides access to top-notch athletics training facilities and meticulously plans everything to meet your team’s specific needs and aspirations. 

Race Quest

Race Quest provides endurance sports training, race entry tours, and active travel experiences for amateur and professional athletes. They mostly host race tours and training camps in South Africa, Kona, France, and Costa Rica while offering members VIP access to global sports events.

RnR Sports

UK-based RnR Sports caters and welcomes athletes of all abilities—from the novice who has never completed a triathlon to accomplished multiple Ironman competitors. RnR is considered today as UK’s longest established endurance sports coaching and training camp, but it still hosts events and triathlon camps across the globe, mainly in Spain, Greece, and the Middle East.

Sports Ventures

Sports Ventures is an organizer of sports travel, event management services, and training camps for sports teams of all ages and standards of play in various fields. They host triathlon camps and athletic camps in Portugal, Spain, Australia, Italy, United Kingdom, South Africa, and South America.

Total Tri Training

Total Tri Training offers amazing triathlon locations and camps around the world under the guidance of its experienced coaching team. Today, the organization is the UK’s largest coaching team with over 20 experienced coaches training global athletes through camps. They host events and camps in Lanzarote, Majorca, and other unique locations.

Tri Training Harder

Tri Training Harder began as a training camp provider hosting athletes out of their base in Portugal. Now, the organization hosts training camps and sports events across the globe, particularly in Greece, France, and the UK.

Critical Speed

Critical Speed offers a multisport training system that includes a social and supportive environment through their training camps. Their programs are strategically designed, incorporating a variety of activities and locations that can meet the requirements of demanding global marathons like Ironman. They host real training camps in Canada, Hawaii, and other countries.

Epic Camps

Epic Camps is a travel agency and sports organizer that offer professional coaching and multisport training groups; each service is designed to take athletes to their mental and physical limits in some of the most amazing locations in the world. The organization was founded by Ironman legends Scott Molina and Gordo Byrn and already hosted triathlon camps in the Italian Dolomites, the Canadian Rockies, the French Alps and Pyrenees, Kona, New Zealand, Australia, and the Colorado Rockies.

Training Right

Training Right hosts world-class training camps in popular cycling destinations worldwide with amateur to pro athletes and professional coaches. They offer weekend or weekly camps where amateur athletes can eat, sleep, and train like a full-time cyclist in the United States, Italy, Spain, and other countries.

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