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Multi-day events

February 2023
crossfit competition

CrossFit Games

The Open stage of the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games opens on February 16. CrossFit Engine 38 is one of the leading affiliates welcoming the opening in Egypt. Know more about the program’s offerings, requirements, and schedule. ...
16 Feb - 09 Mar
CrossFit Engine 38
Sheikh Zayed City, Giza
saint catherine

St. Catherine Hiking Trip

Stamina Sports & Fitness will introduce a diverse line-up of sports and outdoor activities this year, with the edition of a new hiking trip in St. Catherine. Know the schedule, registration information, and other details of the hike. ...
16 - 18 Feb
kitesurfing egypt

Kite Instructor Training

VDWS International, a coordinated organization representing all aspects of water sports - especially wind sports, will host a Level 1 Kite Instructor Training in El Gouna for beginner and amateur kitesurfers. Know more about the program. ...
24 Feb - 03 Mar
March 2023
fayoum running

Qarun 66

Ultra Egypt, a trail running organization in Egypt, will host its second official trail running race in another legendary landmark. Qarun 66 invites beginners, intermediate, and professional trail runners for an epic race in Fayoum this March. Know more about the upcoming event. ...
02 - 04 Mar
galala triathlon

Let’s Tri

Egypt’s Stamina Sports & Fitness announces the launch of Let’s Tri "Summer Edition”. The event is set for August 12 in Alamein City. ...
17 - 18 Mar
Al Galala
April 2023
sinai trail

Sinai Trail Thru Hike

The Sinai Trail is offering hikers a full access to all of its trails. Divided into four parts, Thru Hike Autumn 2022 will serve as one of the biggest programs of the Sinai Trail Team since the beginning of the pandemic. Know more about the journey and its offerings. ...
08 Apr - 19 May
May 2023
Sahl Hasheesh Endurance Festival

Soma Bay Endurance Festival

The Somabay Endurance Festival, the biggest multi-sport event in Egypt organized by The Trifactory, will bring back its Winter Edition this September. The event welcomes athletes of all ages and abilities and features the classic five distances. Know more about the Somabay Endurance Festival 2022. ...
05 - 06 May
Soma Bay
Red Sea
sinai mountains

The Seven Summits Hike

The Sinai Trail is getting ready for its spring thru hiking season 2023, and they'll be walking the grand, westerly mountain chain of the Sinai, scaling its seven big summits of Sinai on this new hike. Know more about the journey and its offerings. ...
05 - 18 May
crossfit games

FITX400 Challenge

Stamina Sports & Fitness laid out its new offerings for the fourth volume of FITX400 Challenge, a 2-day event with diversified beginner, scaled, elite, and masters workouts. Know more about the fitness challenge coming. ...
05 - 06 May
November 2023
fayoum lake

Half Marathon Des Sables (HMDS)

Half Marathon Des Sables (HMDS) will continue its discovery of the world's most beautiful deserts by taking you on an adventure to Fayoum Desert, one of Egypt's hidden treasures, in November 2023. But this time, it will debut its new format–Pharaohs Desert Egypt. Know the schedule, registration information, and other details of the marathon. ...
18 - 24 Nov
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