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Sports Events Egypt provides an overview of sports events and clubs in Egypt. Our goal is to bring the sports community together, support local organizers, and provide a one-stop platform for all sports minded people in Egypt. If you have any questions or would like to add an event, please reach out.

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Multi-day events

December 2023
yoga dance

Black Diamond Tantra

Join the Black Diamond Tantra with Hira Hosen this December for a major Energetic Shift. This transformative workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore the depths of your inner landscape and harness the power of the Black Diamond Ray of Light. Know the schedule, registration information, and other details of the program. ...
07 - 09 Dec
kite surfing

Kite Camp & Safari Red Sea Hurghada

Join Kitesurf Addicted for a week-long kite safari adventure in the breathtaking Red Sea of Egypt. Celebrate New Year's Eve in style as you indulge in a luxury yacht experience that combines relaxation and thrilling water sports. Know the schedule, registration information, and other details of the trip. ...
28 Dec - 04 Jan
Red Sea
Group hiking in a desert

Fayoum and Bahariya New Year Adventure

Egypt, renowned for its ancient wonders, beckons you to ring in the new year by exploring the hidden treasures of Fayoum and Bahariya Oasis. Join Dune Raider Egypt on its Fayoum and Bahariya New Year Adventure. Know more about the details of the upcoming event at Sports Events Egypt. ...
29 Dec - 01 Jan
January 2024
group of friends having a diving trip

DTU Dive Trip Egypt

In collaboration with Kingfish, DTU Dive invites participants to embark on an incredible journey to Ecolodge Shagra, a dive camp nestled along the pristine shores of the Red Sea in Egypt. Surrounded by this breathtaking natural beauty, participants will have the chance to immerse themselves in the mesmerizing world that lies beneath the Red Sea’s […] ...
21 - 28 Jan
Red Sea
Red Sea
February 2024
September 2024
woman diving and doing breathing techniques underwater

Merfolk Retreat Egypt

Remember and connect with your inner child through swimming and with the help of Mermaid Kat’s Merfolk Retreat in Egypt. Experience exclusive workshops in mermaid swimming, modeling, and underwater posing, along with techniques to enhance your breath-holding capacity, all while connecting with the soothing synergy of water and breath. Know more about the water adventure at Sports Events Egypt. ...
01 - 28 Sep
Soma Bay
Red Sea
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