swimming anxiety

7 Tips to Reduce Swimming Anxiety

Swimming and anxiety don’t go well together, but determined athletes can overcome this challenge with proper training, perspective, and mindset. Know how to reduce and eliminate swimming anxiety and improve your mental wellbeing as an athlete.

swim open water

How to Swim Straight In Open Water

Open-water swimming competitions are devoid of black lines and helpful guides we see in pool competitions. So, it’s difficult to swim straight in large bodies of water. It is, however, not impossible. Learn how to swim straight in open water on this guide.

swim race

How To Become a Faster Swimmer

Notwithstanding the technicalities in body movements, swimmers win competitions by being the fastest of them all. However, achieving this goal is not as simple as forcing your strokes to speed up. Instead, it’s all about perfecting and refining the little things, particularly techniques and positions.

breathing while swimming

How To Improve Your Breathing While Swimming

Breathing while swimming is not just about inhaling and exhaling air above the water. It’s more complicated than that. Breathing affects muscular performance and lung function. Proper breathing, therefore, is essential technique swimmers need to learn.