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Yoga on the Nile

Sat, April 2, 2022


Soul Tribe Travel, a global travel agency focusing on spiritual retreats, will lead an ambitious yoga retreat in Egypt with local and international participants. Yoga on the Nile, a special retreat that will explore the hidden gems of the country while tackling personal crises and expanding consciousness, is scheduled for April 2022.

Expanding the Consciousness on the Nile

Soul Tribe Travel believes that Egypt is one place of power because of its ancient mysteries. After all, until today, we still walk in the footsteps of the ancient gods and goddesses. As such, they organized Yoga on the Nile to help people deal with personal crises like existential fears, illness, and death—any unexpected events that can turn a person’s life upside down—while exploring an unfamiliar yet beautiful country. Traveling to other countries opens us to new things and sometimes we meet people we may already know from a previous life, according to Soul Tribe Travel.

The retreat will help participants answer the following questions:

  1. How can I master and integrate such crises?
  2. What is in me that I still need to look at?
  3. What needs to be healed?

Soul Tribe Travel will lead the participants to meditate in temples and do yoga on the Nile. They aim to host life-changing circumstances of initiations, so here’s the complete activities for the trip:

  • Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Healing sessions (energy healing, breathwork)
  • 2-night stay in a 5-star hotel in Luxor
  • 4 nights on a wooden ship Dahabiya (Esna – Edfu – Komombo)
  • 1 night in a Nubian Resort in Aswan
  • Transportation and transfer fees
  • Visits to Valley of Kings – Luxor Temple – Karnak Temple – Philae Temple (The Temple of Isis)

Timing and Location

Yoga on the Nile begins in the morning of April 2, 2022, starting as early as 9 AM. It will last for over a week, giving participants plenty of time to explore Egypt while facing and solving their personal crises. During the trip, Soul Tribe Travel will explore various areas of the countries, particularly Luxor.

Registration Information

Yoga on the Nile by Soul Tribe Travel is open for online registration. Head to Soul Tribe Travel’s official website to register or send them a private message on Facebook. The registration fee per person ranges from €1,699 to €1,999, depending on your accommodation preferences.

About the Organizer

Soul Tribe Travel is a global travel agency that specializes in spiritual retreats. They offer spiritual retreats and travels with breathwork, angel-healing, yoga, meditation, past-life regressions, trekking, and workshops.

For more information about Yoga on the Nile, visit the organizer’s official website and social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, you can send a message to soul-tribe-travel@gmx.de.

Event Calendar

Saturday, April 2, 2022

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