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Egypt Spring Acrocamp

Acro Egypt, a yoga community in Egypt, will host its Egypt Spring Acrocamp 2023 in El Sokhna, Egypt with guests and organizers from other countries. The camp is a 4-day event filled with activities, talks, and entertainment.


Another international edition of Acro Egypt’s Acrocamp will take place in Egypt this year, welcoming yogis, acroyoga enthusiasts, and fitness enthusiasts of all levels. The camp will cover many forms of basing and flying in air yoga, gymnastics, standard yoga, acrobatics, dance sequences, and other variations.

Outside of scheduled class times, the organizers will host jamming sessions where everyone can exchange ideas and skills, as well as free times where everyone can have direct access to the beach and the garden.

Here’s the complete list of activities to expect at Acrocamp 2023:

  • Yoga, dance, movement
  • Gymnastics foundations
  • L-basing flows and washing machines
  • Healing and therapeutics
  • Intro to icarians, whips, pops
  • Meditation
  • Handstand and hand to hand
  • Restorative yoga
  • Standing acrobatics
  • Aqua recovery / Acro at the beach
  • Jam time

Meet the team:

  • Dasha Kalinikina (Russia) – Dasha Kalinikina aka “Dasha” is a full-time international acroyoga teacher, with a strong background in yoga and Thai massage.
  • Nicolas Gallois (France) – Nicolas is an acroyoga teacher, sports educator, consultant, and ex-athlete based in Cairo.
  • Hoda Wahby (Egypt) – Hoda is an acroyoga co-teacher, fashion stylist, and ex-professional swimmer based in Cairo.

Timing and Location

The Egypt Spring Acrocamp will run from April 27 to 30, 2023. The first day is for briefing and preparation. The exact venue will be decided with the participants upon registration, but the main location is in the Red Sea.

Registration Information

The registration for the Egypt Spring Acrocamp is open online. Just contact Acro Egypt through Facebook or email them at info.acroegypt@gmail.com. Advanced registration and a full payment deposit are required to secure your registration, so refer to the list of packages below for the options:

 Double bedroom (7 spots)

  • Early bird = 6200 EGP or 194 EUR.
  • Regular = 6600 EGP or 206 EUR.
  • Late = 7400 EGP or 232 EUR.
  • Drop-in = 7800 EGP or 244 EUR.

DIY sofa/mat/tent (8 spots)

  • Early bird = 5700 EGP or 179 EUR.
  • Regular = 6000 EGP or 187 EUR.
  • Late = 6700 EGP or 210 EUR.
  • Drop-in = 7100 EGP or 217 EUR.

No accommodation (5 spots)

  • Early bird = 5100 EGP or 160 EUR.
  • Regular = 5400 EGP or 169 EUR.
  • Late = 6100 EGP or 190 EUR.
  • Drop-in = 6400 EGP or 199 EUR.

Day pass (food and water included)

  • Early bird = 1600 EGP or 50 EUR.
  • Regular = 1800 EGP or 55 EUR.
  • Late / drop-in = 2000 EGP or 60 EUR.

About the Organizer

Acro Egypt is an Acro Yoga community that organizes and aids various Acro Yoga events and classes across the country. The practice of Acro Yoga involves a fusion of acrobatics and yoga. The organization currently houses residents and guest teachers from all over the world.

To know more about the Egypt Spring Acrocamp, visit the organizer’s official social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, you can also reach out to info.acroegypt@gmail.com.


Apr 27 - 30 2023


Acro Egypt


Acro Egypt

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