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WODX by Stamina Sports & Fitness


Get ready to push your limits and showcase your strength, as registration for the much-anticipated WODX event is officially open! In collaboration with Stamina Sports Fitness and ITZ Sports, this exhilarating fitness competition is set to take place at the prestigious Heliopolis Club on March 8th.

Conquer WODX With Stamina

With a series of dynamic workouts, WODX is designed for athletes of all levels—from the brave beginners to the seasoned elites. Prepare to face three types of workouts: ‘In & Out’, ‘Ladder (Cleans)’, and ‘Gymnastics’ – each designed to challenge your athletic prowess in unique ways.

In & Out:

The ‘In & Out’ workout is a thrilling race against the clock that will demand both speed and strategy. Teams will navigate through a series of high-intensity exercises like thrusters, box jumping burpees, and power cleans. It’s a fast-paced battle where coordination and endurance are key, and every second shaved off your time can catapult you up the leaderboard.

Ladder (Cleans):

The ‘Ladder (Cleans)’ is a true test of strength and power. Athletes will be required to perform cleans at ascending weights, each round increasing in intensity. This ladder is not just about brute force; it’s about technique, precision, and the ability to maintain composure under escalating pressure.


Flexibility, balance, and control take center stage in the ‘Gymnastics’ workout. This category will challenge competitors with movements that require impeccable body coordination and core strength. From ring muscle-ups to handstand push-ups and wall walks, athletes will need to exhibit a harmonious blend of power and grace.

Timing and Location

WODX takes place at Stamina Sports & Fitness’ location in New Cairo on March 8, 2024. With a prime spot on the picturesque North Coast, the sports facility provides an unrivaled location for the WODX event. This state-of-the-art venue boasts a wide array of top-notch amenities.

Registration Information

Registration for WODX is open online. Head to this link to register and add the event to your calendar. The early-bird registration fee is 900 EGP per person until February 20, 2024.

About the Organizers

Stamina Sports & Fitness is a professional sports team in Egypt specializing in fitness classes, triathlons, and endurance training. The organization is managed by Hassan Allam Properties, the leading private engineering, construction, and infrastructure company in the country. Stamina Sports & Fitness has hubs in HSC Heliopolis, HSC El Shorouk, Swanlake, Narmer, and Haya.

For more information about the upcoming WODX and other events, follow the organizers’ social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.


Mar 08 2024

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