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sinai trail

Sinai Trail Thru Hike Autumn 2023

This autumn, the Sinai Trail is preparing for its inaugural thru hike of the entire route. The Sinai Trail is Egypt’s first long-distance hiking trail, spanning 550 km and crossing the remarkable wilderness of the Middle East, as well as the territories of eight Bedouin tribes.

Autumn Full-Route at Sinai

The trail is divided into four distinct parts, each lasting 12 days, and on this occasion, participants will walk the entire trail from start to finish.

Part 1 begins at Ras Shetan on the Gulf of Aqaba coast and concludes at Ein Kidd, a scenic oasis nestled in the mountains. The Tarabin and Muzeina tribes will guide this section. Part 2 continues from Ein Kidd to the highlands of St. Katherine, navigating narrow wadis, rugged passes, and Egypt’s highest peaks, with the Awlad Said and Jebeleya tribes leading the way.

Part 3 encompasses the journey from St. Katherine to Serabit el Khadem, exploring remote wadis and mountains and involving the participation of the Jebeleya, Awlad Said, Gararsha, Hamada, Sowalha, and Alegat tribes. Part 4 entails a Gulf-to-Gulf crossing, traversing the deserts inland from the Gulf of Suez coast back to the Gulf of Aqaba, including the largest sand desert in the Sinai. The Alegat, Muzeina, and Tarabin tribes will guide this section.

Timing and Location

Sinai Trail Thru Hike Autumn takes place from October to December. The first part is scheduled from October 20 to 31, while the second is for November 1 to 12. Part 3 is from November 14 to 25, and Part 4 is from November 27 to December 8.

Registration Information

Registration for Sinai Trail in Autumn is open online. But to be accepted, it’s important that you are physically fit, active, and healthy. Message sinaitrail@gmail.com to join and include the answers to the questions below in the body of the email:

  1. Nationality
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Mobile number (+ WhatsApp if possible)
  4. Place of residence
  5. How often do you exercise/ play sports?
  6. Hiking experience. Please tell us a bit about your existing hiking experience.
  7. Fitness. Please tell us a bit about your current lifestyle and level of fitness: how physically fit would you say you are on a scale of 1-5 (5 = the best, a total pro). How regularly do you exercise & what are your favorite activities e.g. walking, jogging, workouts?
  8. What weight class best describes you from the following: 1. 60-70 kg 2. 70-80 kg 3. 80-90 kg 4. 90-100 kg 5. 100-120 kg 6. 120kg+ ?
  9. Do you have any health conditions/ injuries that could be relevant on a long remote mountain hike? 
  10. Why do you want to hike the Sinai Trail? Do you have a special goal? Is it the challenge, solitude or adventure? Or the chance of meeting new people or just seeing more of Egypt?
  11. Please send us a link to your Facebook profile

Refer to the list below for the participation fees:

  • 1 part only (12-day trip): 1500€.
  • 2 parts only (12-day trip): 1450€.
  • 3 parts only (12-day trip): 1400€.
  • All 4 parts (12-day trip): 1350€.

For Egyptian Citizens or non-Egyptians in Egypt with official residency or work permits, the cost of each part is 30,000EGP.

About the Organizer

The Sinai Trail Team is the community organization promoting, maintaining, and handling the Sinai Trail. The hiking team is 100% Bedouin, composed of eight various tribes, including the Awlad Said, Garasha, Sowalha, Hamada, and Alegat. The organization carries a wider Sinai Trail Team that includes men and women from across mainland Egypt and Europe, who add extra skills and strengthen the project in key areas.

For more information about the Sinai Trail Thru Hike Autumn 2023, head to Sinai Trail’s official website and social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, you can send an email to sinaitrailenquiries@gmail.com.


Oct 20 - 31 2023

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Sinai Trail