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sinai mountains

The Seven Summits Hike

The Sinai Trail is getting ready for its spring thru hiking season 2023, and they’ll be walking the grand, westerly mountain chain of the Sinai, scaling its seven big summits of Sinai on this new hike.

Conquering the Seven

The Sinai Trail is divided into four separate sections. On this trip, participants will hike its mountain section, scaling the so-called ‘Seven Summits’ of the Sinai. It’s a 220km, 14-day traverse of the Middle East’s grandest, most fabled mountain landscapes and a challenging route for which a good level of mountain fitness and experience is essential.

Participants will scramble through rocky canyons, cross water pools, walk wild green wadis, climb the Sinai’s highest, travel the way the Bedouin have always traveled these landscapes– walking with camels and sleeping below the desert stars. With this, the Sinai Trail Seven Summits Thru Hike is a route for anybody who wants to go deep into the region’s mountain landscapes.

Timing and Location

The Seven Summits Hike will run from May 5 to 18, 2023. The entire journey will explore the accessible parts of Sharm El Sheikh, a city and a resort town on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula.

Registration Information

The registration for The Seven Summits Hike is open online. But to be accepted, it’s important that you are physically fit, active, and healthy. The registration fee is 29,450 EGP for non-Egyptians and 19,925 for Egyptians. A 7,500 EGP downpayment is required upon registration. Message sinaitrailcommunity@gmail.com to join.

About the Organizer

The Sinai Trail Team is the community organization promoting, maintaining, and handling the Sinai Trail. The hiking team is 100% Bedouin, composed of eight various tribes, including the Awlad Said, Garasha, Sowalha, Hamada, and Alegat. The organization carries a wider Sinai Trail Team that includes men and women from across mainland Egypt and Europe, who add extra skills and strengthen the project in key areas.

For more information about the Seven Summits Hike, head to Sinai Trail’s official website and social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, you can send an email to sinaitrailenquiries@gmail.com.


May 05 - 18 2023

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Sinai Trail