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fayoum running

Qarun 66 – Cancelled

Ultra Egypt, one of the fastest-growing trail running organizations in the country, brings its second epic race to another landmark in Egypt. Qarun 66 will bring a challenging adventure at Lake Qarun Protectorate in Fayoum this March.

Qarun 66 in Fayoum

Qarun 66 is a single-stage, 66 KM-ultra-marathon designed with first-time trail runners in mind, as well as intermediate and professional runners who want to improve their skills. The event has a little something for everyone, regardless of skill level.

The trail passes alongside iconic spots like Dima El Sebaa, Qasr El Sagha, and Jebel Qatrani, so participants will witness a diverse array of moonscapes, deserts, and mountains. Ultra Egypt completed a beautiful exploratory work for the race, which showcases the protectorate in a way never seen before in a trail running event.

Timing and Location

Qarun 66 takes place in Lake Qarun Protectorate in Fayoum. Ultra Egypt opted for the current location rather than the more popular location and the first option–Wadi El Rayan, to offer a more challenging trail. The lake is among the most ancient natural lakes on Earth and is part of the pre-existing Morris Lake.

The event will run from March 2 to 4, with the main event happening on the third. The preparations and arrival on the location are set the day before, while the post-ceremony with mindfulness sessions is scheduled on the next two days. Here’s the full itinerary:

March 2:

  • Head from Cairo to Fayoum with buses
  • Arrival at the camp North of Lake Qarun
  • Check-in
  • Have dinner
  • Receive race packs
  • Overnight sleep in your tents

March 3:

  • Head to the Starting point at 6:00 AM
  • 22×2 kM, 66k, 44k start
  • Yoga session (stretching and breathwork) after the race
  • Celebratory Bedouin dinner
  • Final ceremony to announce winners and distribute prizes

March 4:

  • Breakfast
  • Yin Yoga/stretching session
  • Head back to Cairo

Registration Information

The registration for Qarun 66 is open online. Head to this link to fill out the registration form, choose your preferred category, and confirm payment.

Here’s the full list of prices for all race distances.



44 KM

44km Relay

(Team of Two)



Residents Race & Run: 1850 EGP


Full experience: 3500 EGP

Race & Run: 1200 EGP


Full experience: 2500 EGP

Race & Run: 2,200 EGP


Full experience: 3,850 EGP

Foreigners Race & Run: $155


Full experience: $290

Race & Run: $110


Full experience: $210

Race & Run: $185


Full experience: $320

About the Organizer

Ultra Egypt is a trail running organization that caters to beginners, intermediate, and professional trail runners. The organization holds epic races in legendary landmarks and locations in Egypt.

For more information about Qarun 66, visit Ultra Egypt’s official website or social media page on Instagram. Alternatively, you can send an email to run@ultraegypt.com.


Mar 02 - 04 2023

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