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Pro Kite Clinic 2023 by Magicseawind

Magicseawind, a young Brazil-based company that organizes kitesurfing trips worldwide with a professional international team, is set to host a special kitesurfing event with camping in Egypt. The special adventure is open for experienced and new kitesurfers, even soloists and groups.

Kite Surfing + Camping

The event offers eight nights of pro kite clinic activities, including professional lessons, kite cruises, yoga lessons, kitesurfing events, and other water sports (e.g., snorkeling, paddle boarding, and diving). Specifically, there will be 15-hour courses in small groups. Participants will ride and stay on a 37M yacht for the duration of the event.

Four professional coaches will lead the pro kite clinic–two pro riders within the team, Clément Huot, one of the best French riders for improving your big air move, and Louis Hutter, 2× French champion in freestyle for practicing your hand hook and old-school tricks.

Timing and Location

Participants will travel along the Red Sea of Egypt, one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world and home to many snorkeling sites, for the Pro Kite Clinic from July 8 to 15, 2023. The main kitesurfing site is in Hurghada.

​Registration Information

Registration for Pro Kite Clinic is open online. Head to this link to reserve a spot and finalize your payment. The participation fee comes in three categories:





Independent Beginner – Expert Intermediate to Expert
  • Enjoy the boat of the organization and the team without coaching
  • 3 places
  • 1 week per person
  • Advice from the team during the stay
  • 7 days all-inclusive (accommodation, meals, assistance, etc.)
  • Improve your technique and progress in all areas
  • 4 places
  • 1 week per person
  • 15 hours of coaching by Louis
  • 7 days all-inclusive (accommodation, meals, assistance, etc.)


  • Personalized coaching by the world’s best
  • 8 seats
  • 1 week per person
  • 3pm coaching by Clément Huot & Louis H
  • 7 days all-inclusive (accommodation, meals, assistance, etc.)
€ 1560 € 1850 € 2090


About the Organizer

Magicseawind is a relatively new kitesurfing organizer from Brazil. The team is made up of 100% IKO-qualified instructors with years of experience in tourism and travel.

For more information about Magicseawind and their upcoming events, visit their official website, follow their Facebook page, or inquire to magicdownwind@gmail.com.


Jul 08 - 15 2023

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