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reform pilates

Peak Pilates Certification Level 1

Reform Pilates Studios, Egypt’s leading specialized classical Pilates studio, is set to host the international Peak Pilates Level 1 Comprehensive Training with an exciting new setup. This training program consists of several modules designed to provide a thorough understanding of Pilates and equip aspiring teachers with the necessary skills to practice and instruct others.

Reach Your Peak with Reform Pilates

Reform Pilates’ Level 1 comprehensive training includes a 200-hour certification—class hours, certified self-practice, teaching experience, and a theoretical component covering functional anatomy and kinesthetics. Led by Senior Mentor and Level 3 Master Trainer Mila Bonvini, the highest qualified Pilates master trainer in the Middle East and Africa, this course promises to deliver unparalleled expertise and guidance.

Module 1 of the training will cover the essential repertoire of exercises on all Pilates apparatus, including the mat, reformer, Cadillac, barrels, and chair. Modules 2 and 3 will introduce intermediate exercises, deepen understanding of the system, and enhance both personal practice and teaching abilities. Finally, Module 4 will serve as a comprehensive revision of all materials and a final certification test for participating teachers.

Timing and Location

Module 1 of the training is scheduled for September 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, 2023. The dates for the remaining modules will be determined in agreement with the group. All programs will take place at the organizer’s studio in Zamalek and Cairo.

Registration Information

Registration for Reform Pilates Studios’ Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification Level 1 program is open online. The course costs 750 USD (11,805 EGP) per module or 650 USD (10, 231 EGP) if all four modules are paid upfront. The workshop material and re-assessment fees are priced at 350 USD (5,509 EGP) and 80 USD (2,475 EGP), respectively.

About the Organizer

Reform Pilates Studios is the only specialized classical Pilates studio in Egypt. It now has three fully-equipped branches in the country. All its branches and programs are led by teachers and members that are internationally certified and constantly keeping their education up to date.

For more information about the Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification Level 1 program, visit Reform Pilates Studios’ social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, you can directly contact the studio at zamalek@reformpilatesegypt.com, 01023111731 (Zamalek), or 01027720204 (Beverly Hills – Sheikh Zayed).


Sep 21 - 23 2023

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Reform Pilates Studios


Reform Pilates Studios