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Open Water Clinic

TriMachine partners with SwiMaster to offer the best open water clinic experience in Egypt to date. The clinic is open to beginner, intermediate, and advanced swimmers who want to improve their swimming skills or compete in upcoming local and international events.

Open Water Clinic For All Levels

The open water clinic aims to offer help to adults who have a passion for open water swimming or looking to complete a swimming or triathlon competition. Here, participantswill learn how to improve their OWS strokes, eliminate zigzagging, swim in a straight line, and many more techniques.

On top of developing swimming techniques, the clinic will also assist participants in improving their endurance and stamina for open-water swimming, so everyone can have more confidence every time they hit the water.

Timing and Location

The open water clinic will take place on September 3, 9 AM, at North Square Mall, New Alamein City. The venue is a new, one-of-a-kind integrated seafront landmark. It’s the first entertainment hub of its kind in the city.

Registration Information

The registration for the open water clinic is open online. Head to this link to register, share your swimming goals and experience, and reserve your slot. The participation fee is EGP 400, and payments should be made through SwiMaster and TriMachine’s locations at the Platinum Club, Palm Hills Club, or New Giza Sports Club.

About the Organizer

The TriMachine stands as an endurance academy for beginners and world-class athletes. The organization supports individuals and athletes tied to endurance sports, such as running and cycling. The TriMachine operates at Platinum Club, Palm Hills Club, and New Giza Sports Club.

SwiMaster, meanwhile, is a city-wide swimming school in Egypt. They host training sessions and regular lessons for swimmers of all levels.

For more information about the open water clinic, visit The TriMachine’s Facebook and Instagram pages or SwiMaster’s Instagram page.


Sep 03 2022

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