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Let’s Tri

Fri, March 18, 2022
El Galala
Madinet El Galala


Egypt’s Stamina Sports & Fitness announces the launch of Let’s Tri “Summer Edition”, one of the biggest sports events featuring world-class triathlon and aquathlon in the country. The event is set for March 18 at Madinet El Galala.

Triathlon + Aquathlon

Let’s Tri is one of the biggest sports events featuring world-class triathlon and aquathlon in Egypt. The challenge combines the movements and requirements of aquathlon and triathlon, so it’s considered as one of the sports events of its kind in the country. 

Let’s Tri is an open event for everyone, welcoming participants ages 6 years old and up. There are various categories to cater to runners and swimmers of all ages. Here’s the complete list of categories for Triathlon and Aquathlon:

Super Sprint Race (Age 12+) – Individual only

  • Swim – 350m in the Marina
  • Cycle– 10 km bike
  • Run – 2.5 km run

Sprint Race (Age14+) – Individual and Relay

  • Swim – 750m in the Marina
  • Cycle – 20 km bike
  • Run – 5 km run

Kids Race (8 to 14) – Individual only

  • Run – 1 km run
  • Cycle – 5 km bike

Timing and Location 

Let’s Tri: Spring Edition takes place at Madinet El Galala on March 18. The venue is a private tourist compound in Egypt and one of the largest developmental projects in the country to date. The event begins as early as 8 in the morning for briefing and preparation and ends at 5:30 PM in the afternoon with the winners’ ceremony. 

Registration Information

The registration for Let’s Tri: Spring Edition is open online. Head to this link to register, read the full details, and make payment. Refer to the table below for the full list of prices per race category.

Registration Type

Sprint Race

Super Sprint Race

Kids Race

Early-Bird Registration

Individual: 650 EGP

Relay: 830 EGP

650 EGP

500 EGP

Regular Registration

Individual: 850 EGP

Relay: 980 EGP

850 EGP

650 EGP

About the Organizers 

Stamina Sports & Fitness is a professional sports team in Egypt specializing in fitness classes, triathlon, and endurance training. The organization is managed by Hassan Allam Properties, the leading private engineering, construction, and infrastructure company in the country. Stamina Sports & Fitness has hubs in HSC Heliopolis, HSC El Shorouk, Swanlake, Narmer, and Haya.

For more information about the upcoming Let’s Tri: Spring Edition and other events, follow the organizers’ social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.

Event Calendar

Friday, March 18, 2022

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