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fayoum lake

Half Marathon Des Sables (HMDS)

Half Marathon Des Sables (HMDS) will continue its discovery of the world’s most beautiful deserts by taking you on an adventure to Fayoum Desert, one of Egypt’s hidden treasures, in November 2023. But this time, it will debut its new format–Pharaohs Desert Egypt.

Half Marathon In The Desert

Let yourself be transported to the land of the pharaohs and discover the famous Pyramids of Giza. A site not to be missed, a symbol of antiquity, home to the Pyramid of Cheops, and the only wonder of the ancient world still standing today. HMDS Egypt is the first edition of its kind.

Participants can choose between 3 different distances: 70, 100 or 120 km, divided into 3 stages. Here is the breakdown:

  • Stage 1: around 25 to 30 km
  • Stage 2: around 20, 40 or 60 km
  • Stage 3: around 25 to 30 km

The stages of the HMDS can be completed at your own pace: walking or running.

Timing and Location

HMDS Egypt will run from November 18 to 24, 2023. It would be a week of exciting events in a desert with spectacular reliefs and landscapes. Participants will have the chance to explore Fayoum, Cairo, and Alexandria for seven days.

Registration Information

The registration for the HMDS Egypt is open online. Head to this link to register and reserve your spot. The registration fee is €2,250 (58,499 EGP), and it already includes accommodation, meals, and transfers. For participants who wish to bring companions, the fee is €1, 250 (32,507 EGP) per person.

About the Organizer

HMDS Egypt and other HMDS events are organized by WAA, a company specializing in sportswear, equipment, and accessories. To know more about HMDS EGYPT, head to the event’s official website or social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.


Nov 18 - 24 2023

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