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galala triathlon

Galala Challenge VII

Power Ride Sports will host the seventh edition of its Galala Challenge, a cycling event that aims to promote the sport— how it enhances one’s quality of life and changes the way Egyptians travel safely and eco-friendly. The new season features an exciting new addition: a timed segment during the climb.

Galala Challenge for Safety, Tourism, and Sustainability

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and road safety through Power Ride’s Together Green Initiative, Galala is back with some exciting updates:

  • A 50KM route to encourage newcomers to participate in the Galala Challenge.
  • You can now compete in a timed 10K segment on Galala Road, with winners determined both overall and within age groups. This timed phase covers a section of Galala Road within the longer route, and you must pass through designated start and finish gates for your segment to be officially timed.


  • 50 KM: Cairo to Chillout on Sokhna Road
  • 90 KM : Cairo to Galala toll gates
  • 150 KM: Cairo to Galala Marina through Galala climb (including the timed segment)

Timing and Location

Galala Challenge VII opens on January 12. It will start from the International City for the Olympic Games on Sokhna Road and end in Galala City by the Marina. The celebration will then occur at the Galala Marina right after the ride.

Registration Information

Registration for Galala Challenge VII is open online. Head to this link to register, read the terms and conditions, and finalize payment. Refer to the list of prices per tier below:




Tier 1 1 to 100 LE 800
Tier 2 101 to 350 LE 950
Tier 3 351 to 500 LE 1,200

About the Organizer

Power Ride Sports provides indoor cycling training and programs to prepare individuals and athletes for outdoor cycling events. They have facilities with modern cycling equipment in the heart of Maadi and in Swan Lake, Katameya.

For more information about Galala Challenge VII, visit the organizer’s official website or social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, you can also reach out to info@powerridesports.com or 0127 920 0992 directly.


Nov 24 2023

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