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FITX400 Challenge

Fri, February 18, 2022 - Fri, February 19, 2022
The Knowledge Hub
The Knowledge Hub, Cairo


The success of the first and second FITX400 Challenge paved the way for more fitness activities in Egypt. Due to this, Stamina Sports & Fitness introduces the third edition of the program in February.

FITX400 Challenge V.3

Like its previous edition, the third volume of the FITX400 Challenge is open to beginners, scaled, and elite fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Stamina Sports & Fitness will open more beginner and Masters 40+ workouts to cater to participants of all levels.

The goal of FITX400 remains the same in its 2022 comeback: to improve one’s strength and endurance through diversified workouts. After the programs organized by Stamina Sports & Fitness, participants can test their improvements with a 400-meter run and other metrics.

Timing and Location

FITX400 Challenge V.3’s venue is happening at the spacious campus of The Knowledge Hub, an international university in Egypt. The event takes place from February 18 to 19, 2022. The first day is for scaled workouts with mixed participants—2 males and 1 female for each group. On the next day, individual participants will gather for the beginner, scaled, elite, and master workouts.

Registration Information

The registration for FITX400 Challenge V.3 is open online. The early bird registration is now open, priced at 400 EGP per person for individual registration and 750 EGP for team registration. The general registration fee is 500 EGP per individual registration and 900 EGP for team registration.

About the Organizers

Stamina Sports & Fitness is a professional sports team in Egypt specializing in fitness classes, triathlon, and endurance training. The organization is managed by Hassan Allam Properties, the leading private engineering, construction, and infrastructure company in the country. Stamina Sports & Fitness has hubs in HSC Heliopolis, HSC El Shorouk, Swanlake, Narmer, and Haya.

For more information about the FITX400 Challenge V.3 and other events from Stamina Sports & Fitness, follow the organizers’ social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.

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Event Calendar

Friday, February 18, 2022


Saturday, February 19, 2022



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