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male elfit competition with judges

ELFIT Sports & Fitness Games

Elfit Egypt invites fitness enthusiasts and sports lovers to its ELFIT Sports & Fitness Games, a 3-day mega-fitness festival with nine individual events perfect for individual and group participants of all ages.

Fitness Fest in Egypt

Whether you’re an athlete looking to compete, a fitness enthusiast seeking inspiration, or simply someone who loves sports and entertainment, the ELFIT Sports & Fitness Games 2023 has something for you. Here are the nine individual events open for all:

  • ELFIT Crossfit Championship – an annual CrossFit competition for qualified male and female CrossFit athletes in Egypt
  • ELFIT Rookies – Open for individuals who have dedicated a few months to a few years to their CrossFit journey but have not yet attained the RX level required for most workouts
  • ELFIT Rowathon – A rowing event that combines the elements of endurance, teamwork, and competition
  • ELFIT Strongman – An intense individual competition with a variety of strength-based tasks like truck pulls, sandbag tosses, deadlifts, log presses, and farmer’s walks
  • ELFIT Calisthenics – An event for the Calisthenics community, featuring intense bar moves and skills
  • ELFIT Endurance – A super-sprint event that aims to test an athlete’s endurance level through swimming, cycling, and running
  • ELFIT Lift It – A unique twist on a lifting competition, challenging lifters to attempt two distinct lifts: the snatch and the clean and jerk
  • ELFIT Ninja Challenge – A race that encompasses every facet of athletic prowess, including endurance, speed, agility, power, and strength

Timing and Location

The New Capital Sports City will be the epicenter of athletic excellence and competitive spirit. From November 16 to 18. During these three exhilarating days, this state-of-the-art sports facility will transform into a vibrant arena where the dedication, skill, and determination of all athletes will shine brightly.

Registration Information

Registration for the ELFIT Sports & Fitness Games is open online. Head to this link to register, pick your preferred event, and finalize payment. For reference, see the list of prices per event below:

  • ELFIT Crossfit Championship – by qualification
  • ELFIT Rookies – $90 USD
  • ELFIT Rowathon – $32 USD (individual) ; $75 USD (mixed teams)
  • ELFIT Strongman – $52 USD
  • ELFIT Calisthenics – $32 USD
  • ELFIT Endurance – by inquiry
  • ELFIT Lift It – by inquiry
  • ELFIT Ninja Challenge – by inquiry

About the Organizer

Elfit is a brand in Egypt that grew globally, courtesy of CrossFit athletes across the globe. Elfit and its organizers started with community events in three CrossFit facilities in Egypt. Now, ElFit is a brand known by athletes across the globe.

To learn more about the ELFIT Sports & Fitness Games, head to Elfit’s Egypt official website or Facebook and Instagram pages. Alternatively, you can send an inquiry to info@elfiteg.com.


Nov 16 - 18 2023

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New Capital Sports City Complex
New Capital Sports City Complex, Cairo