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group hiking near a waterfall

Blue Galt Spring Hike

The hiking season is here, and Catherine is calling your name! Join Escape Egypt for an unforgettable journey to a part of heaven nestled in the mountains and valleys, “El Galt El Azraq” – The Blue Galt. Blue Galt Spring Hike awaits you.

The Blue Hike for Hikers and Trekkers

Escape Egypt welcomes all mountain enthusiasts and avid hikers who wish to improve their hiking experience. Blue Galt Spring Hike is for hikers and trekkers with goals. With its breathtaking landscapes offering a tranquil spring nestled amid the undulating mountains and lush valleys—the ethereal Blue Galt, affectionately known as “El Galt El Azraq, will give you an unforgettable journey.

Please note that this trail is best suited for intermediate-level hikers, requiring a good fitness level and prior hiking experience. Before joining, familiarize yourself with the Escape Code of Ethics.

Timing and Location

Mark your calendars for the Blue Galt Spring Hike. Escape Egypt will be setting off on Thursday, the 9th of November, at 10:30 p.m. The journey will continue until Sunday, the 12th of November, concluding at 11:00 p.m. The destination is the captivating El Galt El Azraq, a natural water pool in Sinai with hiking opportunities nearby.

About the Organizer

Escape Egypt is an outdoor adventure organizer that offers activities like hiking, camping, and desert safari to help locals and tourists explore the culture and heritage of small towns all over Egypt. The organization operates in New Cairo.

For more information about the Blue Galt Spring Hike, visit Escape to Egypt’s social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, you can contact the operators at 01003960631 or 01000465939.


Nov 09 - 12 2023

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