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Black Diamond Tantra

Join the Black Diamond Tantra with Hira Hosen this December for a major Energetic Shift. This transformative workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore the depths of your inner landscape and harness the power of the Black Diamond Ray of Light.

Energy Shift Workshop

The Black Diamond Ray of Light provides a purifying and transformative quality that accelerates personal and collective transformation processes. This workshop introduces a new container of support, release, protection, healing, and amplification, enabling participants to navigate the current massive shifts more easily and clearly.

During the workshop, participants will practice Black Diamond Tantra©, which involves activating their Crystalline Diamond Light Body and unlocking their Diamond Light Codes. Through these activations and collective experiences within the Diamond Matrix, participants will deepen their connection to their inner Source light and embark on profound journeys of self-discovery and blissful flow.

The workshop schedule is designed to guide participants through a transformative journey over the course of three days:

  • Day 1: Introduction and exploration of the Inner Landscape, learning to move prana through the body’s different channels carefully.
  • Day 2: Delving into the blissful flow, activating the Diamond Light Codes, and awakening the Crystalline Diamond Light Body.
  • Day 3: Space for Divine Flow, allowing participants to surrender to their inner selves’ higher wisdom and guidance.

Timing and Location

The workshop will commence on the 7th of December at 10 a.m. and conclude on the 9th at 5 p.m. at the yoga retreat center in Ardi in Dashur, E. Participants are welcome to arrive a day or night before and stay an additional night after the workshop. Please let us know if you desire a longer stay, and we will confirm availability closer to the workshop date. The current reservation includes two nights of full boarding, ensuring a comfortable and immersive experience.

Registration Information

Registration for the workshop is open online. Email ardi.dahshur@gmail.com or reach out to the organizer via DM/PM on Facebook and Instagram @Ardi_dahshur. The workshop fees, which cover the cost of participation and accommodations, are as follows:

  • Triple room: €50 per person per night, including 3 vegetarian meals.
  • Shared room: €75 per person per night, including 3 vegetarian meals.
  • Private room: €100 per person per night, including 3 vegetarian meals.

Egyptian residents are eligible for discounted prices, including the workshop and accommodations. The discounted prices for Egyptian residents are as follows:

  • Single room: LE 8000.
  • Shared double room: LE 6000 per person.
  • Shared triple room: LE 5500 per person.
  • Workshop without accommodation: LE 5000.

For Egyptian residents, payments can be made through bank transfer or cash to the hosts in Ardi. International participants can reserve their seats by paying the full amount via PayPal or credit card at rideyourlotus.com or tantraoftheheart.com.

About the Organizer

Hira Hosèn is an ascension workshop tutor who playfully sees herself as a Source Portal with a strong calling to fully present new realities, connected to the high vibrational human collective, Gaia (the ascended Earth), and the Universe. She organizes yoga and meditation workshops in various countries.

Know more about the Black Diamond Tantra with Hiro Hosen by visiting her official website and Facebook page.


Dec 07 - 09 2023

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Hira Hosèn


Hira Hosèn