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Yoga for Stress & Anxiety

Sat, January 22, 2022


Mental issues, such as depression and anxiety, continue to rise worldwide. There’s no better time than today to raise awareness and help those people struggling with mental issues. As such, Yoga for Egypt will offer a free online workshop packed with yoga tools to combat stress and anxiety.

Yoga Against Stress & Anxiety

Yoga for Egypt’s Yoga for Stress & Anxiety is a completely free workshop consisting of various programs. It will last for 2 hours to offer all the necessary tools and resources to help participants battle mental issues through yoga and meditation. Injy Gamal, a German-Egyptian yoga teacher, will lead the workshop.

The workshop will begin with a short talk about stress and anxiety from a western medicine view. The talk will touch on the healing sciences of yoga. Then, the participants will have a chance to discuss how they understand and view mental issues like depression and anxiety and how they plan to support one’s improvement and healing.

Yoga for Egypt will also share various yoga instruments and highlight a potent tool: Meditation. The lecturers will tap into the discoveries of modern science on the effect of meditation on the brain and the concept of neuroplasticity, and how this current understanding aligns with the ancient eastern practice as an effective and sustainable therapy method.

After sit-down lectures and discussions, the participants will practice with the lecturers to weave all ideas and tools into practice and conclude the workshop with everyone feeling convinced, inspired, and motivated to use yoga as a vital part of one’s healing process.

Timing and Location

Yoga for Egypt’s Yoga for Stress & Anxiety takes place online on January 22, welcoming anyone from Egypt and worldwide to participate and improve their healing processes. After registration, Injy Gamal will interact with the participants regarding the online platforms Yoga for Egypt will use and other details about the workshop.

Registration Information

Yoga for Egypt’s Yoga for Stress & Anxiety welcomes anyone interested in yoga and meditation. The spots, however, are limited. To reserve, participants can sign up to Yoga for Egypt’s mailing list and receive an email with the booking link.

About the Organizer

Yoga for Egypt is an online yoga school dedicated to helping stressed Egyptians improve the quality of their lives with the holistic and therapeutic tools of yoga. For more information about Yoga for Egypt’s Yoga for Stress & Anxiety, visit the organization’s official website and Facebook page.

Event Calendar

Saturday, January 22, 2022

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