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Yoga By The Pyramids

Trekklers, featuring Viktoria of Yoga With Vicky, will host Yoga By The Pyramids this September 9. The program will incorporate the benefits of yoga and the beauty of nature into all its activities and create an extraordinary experience.

Yoga Experience By The Pyramids

Yoga By The Pyramids is an adventure-packed activity featuring yoga sessions, camping and bonfire,moderate to extreme desert activities. The entirety of the event is perfect for beginners to intermediate yogis.


  • 60-min buggy ride
  • 1 hour yoga sessions by Vicky
  • Arabian night in the desert
  • Tea party

Timing and Location

Yoga By The Pyramids will take place in the desert at Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo, overlooking the pyramids. The event is a whole-day program on September 9, from morning to night.

Registration Information

Participants can register, reserve their spot, and finalize payment by contacting Trekklers. To register or know more about Yoga By The Pyramids, you can message Trekklers on Facebook and Instagram or call 01006745497.

About the Organizers

Trekklers is a travel agency in Egypt that offers experiences designed to take participants on trips based on hiking or trekking in the outdoors and beyond. For more information, reach out to Trekklers on Facebook and Instagram or call 01006745497.


Sep 09 2022