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Women’s Running Path Egypt

Cairo Runners and YourPace by inDrive partnered to launch the Women’s Running Path Egypt Program. This initiative marks a significant stride towards enhancing the physical and psychological well-being of women in Egypt, offering a unique platform for growth, community, and wellness.

Women’s Path To Fitness Success

The Women’s Running Path Program is more than just a training regimen; it’s a journey towards empowerment. Designed exclusively for women ages 18 and above, this program aims to provide a safe and supportive environment where participants can enhance their fitness levels while nurturing their mental health.

Here’s a detailed structure of the program:

  • Bi-weekly Meetings with Female Coaches: These sessions ensure personalized guidance, with each one-hour session involving warm-ups, running, and cool-down stretches.
  • Weekly Solo Runs: Encouraging independence and self-motivation, the program integrates solo runs to solidify the training.
  • Monthly Body Movement Sessions: To complement running, participants can indulge in free body movement sessions, such as women’s yoga or Pilates, to enhance flexibility and core strength.
  • Expert Nutrition Advice: To complete the circle of wellness, expert nutrition advice will foster healthy eating habits and a positive relationship with food, essential for an active lifestyle.

Timing and Location

The program spans five months, starting on the 15th of April and culminating on the 15th of September. Zamalek, New Cairo, and Heliopolis are the three training locations throughout the program.

Registration Information

In an effort to make health and wellness accessible to all, the Women’s Running Path Egypt Program is offered completely free of charge. However, to ensure a structured and personalized experience, registration is mandatory. Secure your spot through this page

About the Organizer

Cairo Runners, the first street-running sports community in Egypt. They provide mini-marathons and promote environmental sustainability in sports. To know more about the upcoming Wadi Degla Developments Women’s Night Race, visit Cairo Runners’ official website or follow their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.


Apr 15 2024 - Sep 15 2024

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Cairo Runners