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Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour

Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour, the newest worldwide professional beach volleyball tour for both men and women organized by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB), will head to Cairo in November to determine the best of the best in the region.

World Tour Stops in Cairo

The 2022 edition of the Beach Pro Tour is the first edition of the global elite volleyball competition by FIVB. The Tour travels worldwide to highlight the best of beach volleyball at vibrant events in stunning locations and cities, and one of the stops is Cario, Egypt. Winning the competition is considered one of the highest honors in international beach volleyball, next to the World Championships and the Olympic beach volleyball tournaments.

Here are the three levels featured at the Tour:

  • Elite16 – the top 16 teams per gender of the world in fierce competition to maintain their position within this group.
  • Challenge – a feeder to the Elite16 level events including 24 teams, with players challenging and battling on the sand to gain ranking points.
  • Futures – a feeder to the Challenge-level events that allows cities to develop the sport in their countries and build up the capabilities of promising youth teams.

The Tour ends with The Finals, the ultimate event closing the year and featuring the best ten qualified teams for a final showdown.

Timing and Location

The Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour in Cairo takes place from November 17 to 20. The final venue and schedule have yet to be determined by the organizers. Tune in for more details at Sports Events Egypt.

Registration Information

The registration for the Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour in Cairo, both for the participants and spectators, is not yet open. Tune in for more details at Sports Events Egypt.

About the Organizer

The Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) is the international governing body for all forms of volleyball events. The organization is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, and is currently led by president Ary Graça of Brazil.

For more information about the Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour, visit the event’s official website or Facebook page.


Nov 17 - 20 2022

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