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yoga training

Unlock Your Magic Retreat

The La La Land, a wellness center and yoga studio in Egypt, welcomes 2023 with a new retreat dedicated to unlocking magic and awakening one’s creative energy. The retreat will focus on yoga sessions, meditations, journaling, and other health and wellness activities.

Magic and Creativity Retreat

In this retreat, entitled ‘Unlock Your Magic: A Retreat Devoted to Awakening Your Creative Energy’, the La La Land will combine royalty with simplicity– all while diving deep into awakening one’s Shakti, a person’s most creative force and energy. It is the energy that resides within each of us regardless of gender; our intuition, creativity, receptivity, our emotions.

Here are the highlights of the retreat:

  • Daily 2 yoga sessions, meditations, Pranayama, and Satsang (spiritual talk)
  • Intention setting or sacred space creation
  • Yoga Asana classes
  • Dynamic meditation and energy activation practices
  • Journaling
  • Group sharing
  • Introduction To Shamanic Chinese medicine and Tao teachings

Timing and Location

The Unlock Your Magic will run from January 26 to 29, 4 days and 3 nights. It takes place at El Tarfa Lodge, El Dakhla Oasis. The venue is an eco-friendly lodge in an isolated desert, so it offers plenty of room to meditate and heal.

Registration Information

The registration for the retreat is open online. Head to this link to register, know more about the retreat, and finalize payment. The downpayment to secure your spot is 1,990 EGP, while the full participation fee ranges from 12,400 EGP to 14,400 EGP, depending on your chosen accommodation.

About The La La Land

The La La Land is a wellness center and yoga studio in Egypt that hosts fitness programs and yoga retreats in the country and around the world. They also offer home programs and private sessions.

For more information about the Unlock Your Magic retreat, contact info@thelalaland.org or 01014522685. You can also visit The La La Land’s official website and Facebook page.


Jan 26 - 29 2023

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El Dakhla Oasis
The LaLa Land


The LaLa Land