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Tri For Fun

Tenacity Coaching, a coaching organization in Egypt, will host its second Tri For Fun this September. The event offers a triathlon training program topped with other sports activities open to athletes of all levels, including families and groups of friends with young members.

Swim, Bike, Run For Fun

Tri For Fun, as the name suggests, will feature one of the most challenging sports today: Triathlon. As such, it will invite participants to come swimming, cycling, and running with the team to win prizes and have fun with people of the same wavelength.

The event is open for all levels to swim, bike, and run on your own or with family and

friends as a team. Children as young as four can join. Here are the available race distances and their requirements:


All Ages (Solo or Relay)

Juniors 7+

Swim 250m 50m
Bike 6km 2km
Run 2km 800m

Timing and Location

Tri For Fun takes place at Club S SODIC, inside the facilities of Tenacity Coaching, on September 23. The swimming part will take place in the Olympic Pool, while the bike and run will be held outdoors.

Registration Information

The registration for Tri For Fun is open online. Head to this link to register and choose your preferred race category (solo or relay). For the ticket prices, refer to the list below. There are three available categories: Flash Distance, Flash Relay, and Junior Distance.

About the Organizer

Tenacity Coaching offers unique triathlon and online endurance coaching to help athletes and individuals integrate the sports into their daily lives. Some of their members and athletes compete at local and national marathons in Egypt. Tenacity has no physical location, but they do meetups in different cities.

Learn more about Tri For Fun 2022 and other events by Tenacity Coaching by following the organizer’s Instagram page.


Sep 23 2022

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Club S Westown
Beverly hills, Sheikh Zayed, Giza
Tenacity Coaching


Tenacity Coaching