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The TRIBE Hike

Thu, May 5, 2022 - Thu, May 8, 2022
Mount Elanat


Bahr, an eco-tour agency, will host THE TRIBE hike at Mount Elbanat in May, inviting hikers of all skill levels and ages from Egypt. The event is a level 2 or moderate hike, perfect for beginners—especially groups or families with young members.

Triple-Day Hike in Mount Elbanat

The TRIBE hike is one of Bahr’s activities that features the advantage of hiking as a sport and living in the mountains with no sign of modern civilization for relaxation. The hike only welcomes the Bedouin life and the quietness of South Sinai’s mountain.

Here’s the full itinerary from day 1 to 3:

Day 1 (Thursday)

  • Arrival at St. Cathrine before sunrise
  • Morning break at an eco-lodge before starting the route and first hike through St. Catherines’ mountains

Reach the base camp of Mount Elanat to spend the night

Day 2 (Friday)

  • Second hike to Elbanat Mountain summit to enjoy the view; hike down going through Elnabatia village to enjoy the story of an ancient civilization
  • Lunch at the main camp
  • Campfire and dinner

Day 3 (Saturday)

  • Last lunch and breakfast
  • Journey back to the city

The hike is open to participants as young as 10 years old, provided that young members and minors have accompanying guardians. Families, solo female hikers, and couples are welcome to join.

Timing and Location

The TRIBE Hike will start on May 5 at 10 PM and ends on May 8 at 11 PM. The main venue for the entire event is at St. Catherine, particularly at Mount Elanat. The meeting place for all participants, regardless of location, is in Cairo.

Registration Information

The registration for the TRIBE hike is open online. Message Bahr on Facebook or contact the organizers on 01022949186. The registration fee for early-bird participants is 2,700 EGP until April 12, while the regular registration is 2,700 EGP.

About the Organizer

Bahr is an eco-tourism agency that organizes events that connect participants with mother nature and authentic human cultures. For more information about the TRIBE hike and other events by Bahr, visit the organizer’s official Facebook and Instagram handles.

Event Calendar

Thursday, May 5, 2022


Sunday, May 8, 2022

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