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yoga workshop

Sufi Healing Meditation

Lotus Yoga & Wellness will host a Sufi Healing Meditation with Hend Wanas, an energy therapist, this September. The program will aim to reveal new technologies and energy or vibration measurement tools while offering effective ways to heal the body and soul.

Healing With Technology

It was scientifically proven and discovered that names have healing powers against numerous diseases as every name stimulates a certain organ and/or energy center and clears any blockages or energy path, which leads to a better state of being to the body, mind, and soul. These studies were carried out by Dr. Ibrahim Kareem and measured through bio-geometrical tools and methods.

Given the power of names, Lotus Yoga & Wellness will offer the following through Sufi Healing Meditation:

  • Open the heart through a Quick Coherence heart-focused breathing technique (a HeartMath Organization scientifically-proven and studied breathing technique)
  • Perform a light meditation to prepare our bodies to receive the light / nour from the beautiful names of God
  • Meditate and do Zikr
  • Balance all the body’s main energy centers by repeating the corresponding beautiful name for each center
  • Choose a special beautiful name for this session amongst the 99 names and meditate using it.

Timing and Location

Lotus Yoga Wellness’ Sufi Healing Meditation will take place on October 6, 2022, in Lotus Holistic Center located at 75 Abdel Moneim Riad St. The event begins at 7:30 PM and concludes at 9:30 PM.

Registration Information

The registration for Sufi Healing Meditation is open online. The contribution fee is 250 EGP, and prepayment is required before the event. The fee already includes all the activities and the venue fee. To reserve your place, contact the organizer at 01007727282.

About the Organizer

Lotus Yoga & Wellness is a meditation center in Giza, Egypt. The center offers various yoga and wellness services, such as yoga classes, meditation programs, coaching services, energy-healing therapy and activities, and retreats. They cater to students of any age and often offer services to families.

For more information about the Sufi Healing Meditation, visit Lotus Yoga & Wellness official social media pages on Facebook and Instagram or message them privately at +20 1007727282 and info@lotus-holistic.com.


Oct 06 2022

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Lotus Yoga And Wellness


Lotus Yoga And Wellness

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