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Row Bike Run by CrossFit Engine 38

Fri, October 29, 2021 - Fri, October 30, 2021
CrossFit Engine 38
CrossFit Engine38 – SODIC West


CrossFit Engine 38 introduces the third edition of Row Bike Run for 2021. It’s a two-day event from October 29 to 30 with indoor and outdoor competitions for individuals and teams.

Row Hard! Bike Hard! Run Hard!

As an endurance competition, Row Bike Run offers individuals and teams a chance to compete and train indoors and outdoors. There will be rowers and assault bikes and a running course at Crossfit Engine 38. Here’s the list of formats and divisions per category:


  • Rx – Individual: Teams of 3 (any combination)
  • Scaled: Individuals and teams of 3 (any combination)


  • Rx – Individuals: Row 3 KM, Bike 3 Miles, Run 3 Miles
  • Rx – Teams: Row 3 KM, Bike 3 Miles, Run 3 Miles

*Distances to be divided anyhow

Scaled Individuals:

  • Row 1 KM, Bike 1 Mile, Run 1 Mile

Scaled Teams:

  • Row 2 KM, Bike 2 Miles, Run 2 Miles

*Distances to be divided anyhow

Timing and Location

The entire Row Bike Run event will take place from October 29 to 30, Friday to Saturday, at CrossFit Engine38 – SODIC West, located inside SODIC Sports Club, Sheikh Zayed. The scaled competition is on the 29th, while the Rx competition is set for the second day.

Registration Information

The registration for Row Bike Run 2021 is now open. Head to this link to register and choose your preferred category, t-shirt size, and mode of payment. Refer to the list below for the table of fees.

  • Rx Individuals: EGP600
  • Rx Teams: EGP1500
  • Scaled Individuals: EGP500
  • Scaled Teams: EGP1200

About the Organizers

CrossFit Engine 38 has been promoting health and fitness as a lifestyle and offering world-class training services across Cairo since 2013. The brand now has three different locations in the region—in SODIC West, Downtown, and MUST (Misr University for Science and Technology).

For more information about Row Bike Run 2021 and other events from CrossFit Engine 38, follow the organizers’ official website and social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.

Event Calendar

Friday, October 29, 2021


Saturday, October 30, 2021

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