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Reconnect Egypt

Sat, March 19, 2022 - Sat, March 26, 2022


Bucket List Egypt, in collaboration with Spiritual Detox Shop (SDS), introduces Reconnect Egypt 2022, a retreat experience and anti-stress adventure for yogis, yogi enthusiasts, and other individuals who wish to explore the country while discovering various approaches to self-improvement.

Reconnect Egypt 2022: Experience Spiritual Detox

Reconnect Egypt 2022 focuses on a spiritual detox experience. It aims to help remind participants of who they are and what they’re here to do. The event will help tap into one’s akashic records, heal with vibrational medicine, learn to work with moving energy, activate the third eye, and breathe with intention.

Specifically, Reconnect Egypt will focus on shadow work, chakra healing, and manifestation. The popular yoga and entertainment icon Ashley the Healer will host most of the yoga activities. Ashley is a creative director that has branded public figures, artists, and businesses in the fashion, media, and music industries for over 12 years. She was named Ashley the Healer after her healing voice, touch, and abilities to heal utilizing different tools. She founded the Spiritual Detox Retreats, enabling people of all backgrounds to heal globally.

Timing and Location

Reconnect Egypt 2022 will explore Egypt and hold various activities from March 19 to 26 (8 days; 7 nights). The journey begins in Cairo, Egypt, where all participants will hold space during the spring equinox at the Great Pyramids. The company will then travel the Nile River and visit sacred temples and locations along the way.

Registration Information

The registration for Reconnect Egypt 2022 is now open. Head to this link to register, reserve your spot, and make payment. The registration fee is priced at $4,444 per person for a double-occupancy accommodation. It already includes a 5-star Nile cruise, meals with vegan and vegetarian options, tours, transportation fees, and healing ceremonies.

About the Organizer

Bucket List Egypt is a tour organizer that aims to bring as many people to experience the beauty of Egypt, including its people and culture. Spiritual Detox Shop, meanwhile, is a holistic healing and spiritual guidance company that focuses on helping individuals detox the mind, body, and spirit. They offer all-natural holistic healing products to help detox, heal, and replenish.

For more information about Reconnect Egypt 2022, visit Bucket List Egypt’s official website and social media pages on Instagram and Facebook. You can also reach out to Spiritual Detox Shop through their website or Facebook page.

Event Calendar

Saturday, March 19, 2022


Saturday, March 26, 2022



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