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Pilates and Yoga Retreat

Stamina Sports & Fitness invites yogis and other fitness enthusiasts for its Pilates and Yoga Retreat this October. Dubbed the most relaxing camp by the organizer, participants of any fitness level can join.

Pilates and Yoga For Relaxation

The pilates and yoga retreat is designed for people who want to get away from their routines or the busy cities in Egypt. It offers the perfect opportunity to unwind and learn new things, particularly those that will benefit the body and mind.

Here are the inclusions of the retreat:

  • Half board accommodation
  • Yoga and Pilates classes
  • Games and Activities
  • 2 nights at Matarma beach Residence hotel

Timing and Location

The Stamina Pilates and Yoga Retreat is scheduled for October 6 to 8 at Matarma Beach Residence Hotel in Ras Sudr. The venue is a 44-room boutique hotel located in the middle of all kitesurfing centers in Ras Sudr.

Registration Information

The registration for the retreat is open online. Contact Stamina Sports & Fitness on 01005270370 or 01002400404 for reservations. Refer to the list below for registration prices per accommodation, which also includes all activities:

  • Single Room- 5700 EGP
  • Double Room – 4500 EGP/per person
  • Triple Room – 4050 EGP/per person
  • Quadruple – 3850 EGP/per person

About the Organizers

Stamina Sports & Fitness is a professional sports team in Egypt specializing in fitness classes, triathlons, and endurance training. The organization is managed by Hassan Allam Properties, the leading private engineering, construction, and infrastructure company in the country. Stamina Sports & Fitness has hubs in HSC Heliopolis, HSC El Shorouk, Swanlake, Narmer, and Haya.

For more information about the upcoming Stamina Pilates and Yoga Retreat and other events, follow the organizers’ social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.


Oct 06 - 08 2022

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