13 Friday

Madinaty Half Marathon

Fri, May 13, 2022
Madinaty's Open Air Mall


The success of The Trifactory and Talaat Moustafa Group’s partnership in the inaugural season of the Madinaty Half Marathon in 2021 will give birth to a new and bigger season this year. The 2022 edition and the second season of the marathon returns to New Cairo in May.

One More Time At Madinaty

The inaugural season featured 1,300 runners from across Egypt. This year, the Trifactory plans to open its doors to more racers. The Madinaty Half Marathon 2022 will once again offer three race categories for runners of all ages and athletic levels:

  • 5K Distance (Ages 8+)
  • 10K Distance (Ages 12+)
  • 21K Distance (Ages 16+)

Despite the broad offerings for amateurs and professionals, The Trifactory made sure that the race will offer a professional-standard race experience, including automatic timing for every runner, fully closed-off roads reserved for runners only, and special race medals at the finish line.

Timing and Location

The Madinaty Half Marathon 2022 will transpire on May 13, Friday. The event goes back to the same world-class racing course in Madinaty, offering both a unique sightseeing experience and an exciting race. The event will begin at 06:00 AM at the start zone in Madinaty’s Open Air Mall. The actual race takes place at 7:00 AM, ending with the awards ceremony at 10:00 AM.

Registration Information

The registration for the Madinaty Half Marathon 2022 is not yet open, but The Trifactory promised to announce all the details soon, starting with the early-bird registration. Interested participants are encouraged to wait for future announcements regarding registration forms, participation fees, and rules and regulations through social media.

About the Organizer

The Trifactory is the biggest sports management company in Egypt, specializing in endurance sports and mass-participation sports events. Aside from its flagship event in Giza, The Pyramids Half Marathon, the organizer also holds special sports events in Somabay, Madinaty, Port Said, and other cities and regions in the country.

Learn more about the upcoming second edition of the Madinaty Half Marathon and other Trifactory’s events by visiting their official website or by following their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, you can send an inquiry to

Event Calendar

Friday, May 13, 2022



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