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M-Pact Post-Summer Wave

Move Egypt’s M-Pact Post-Summer Wave is finally back. The program is open to female athletes or fitness enthusiasts who aim to lose weight and achieve their desired fitness goals within months.

Post-Summer Program for Ladies

M-Pact Post-Summer Wave is the perfect program for ladies with fitness goals, and summer is the perfect time to do that. M-Pact primarily functions as a weight loss program specialized for ladies, helping them lose fats and stay in shape.

Here are the program inclusions:

  • Four workouts
  • One cycling and one yoga session every week
  • Two customized nutrition plans tailored to shred fats
  • 24/7 WhatsApp support from the coaches

Timing and Location

M-Pact Post-Summer Wave will run from September 4 to October 1, 2022, offering a four-week program. All live sessions will take place at Move Arena, Body Temple, Lake House Club, 5th Settlement.

Registration Information

The registration for M-Pact Post-Summer Wave is open online. Head to this link to register and fill up the form. Move Egypt will reach out to all confirmed participants with slots regarding the payment.

About the Organizer

Move Egypt is a fitness company that takes pride in its innovative fitness training designed for all types of athletes. Move caters to athletes of all stages and levels, whether they are beginners, world champions, or currently in rehabilitation. Move is located at the Seasons Country Club, Cairo-Alex Desert Road, Giza District.

Learn more about M-Pact Post-Summer Wave by visiting the event’s official website or by following their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, you can send an email to info@movefitnesseg.com or contact 01280777425.


Sep 04 2022 - Oct 01 2022

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