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LA7 X Elfit Fitness Events Summer Festival

Get ready for the ultimate fitness showdown at the ELFIT Fitness Events Summer Festival powered by LA7 Sports Apex! This thrilling festival brings together elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts from around the region to compete in three exhilarating events: the high-intensity ELFIT Throwdown, the groundbreaking ELFIT Juniors for young athletes, and the powerhouse ELFIT Strongman competition.

LA7 X Elfit

LA7 Sports Apex is a fitness festival and exhibition centered around movement and participation. It’s not just about physical activity; it’s a space focused on overall wellness and fitness. And LA7 is the perfect space for the ELFIT Fitness Events Summer Festival.

The festival will feature three exciting competitions: ELFIT Throwdown, ELFIT Juniors, and ELFIT Strongman. ELFIT Throwdown offers a functional fitness competition with divisions for various skill levels, featuring five intense workouts in one hour. ELFIT Juniors provides a unique platform for young athletes aged 8 to 17 to compete in four workouts packed into 45 minutes, with divisions based on age and gender. ELFIT Strongman returns for its sixth edition, showcasing the strongest athletes in Egypt across multiple weight categories, competing in 4-5 rigorous tests over two days. Each event promises thrilling challenges, competitive scoring, and attractive prizes.

Timing and Location

The ELFIT Fitness Events Summer Festival schedule kicks off on Thursday, May 30, with the ELFIT Strongman log-in, briefing, and weight scale at 6 PM. On Friday, May 31, the festival continues with the ELFIT Throwdown log-in and briefing, followed by solo and pairs competitions. The same day, ELFIT Juniors begins with log-in and briefing at 10:30 AM, and competitions start in the afternoon. On Saturday, the ELFIT Throwdown trio competition takes place. Detailed event information will be shared during the week of the festival, ensuring all participants are well-prepared for the exciting challenges ahead.

Registration Information

Registration for the ELFIT Fitness Events Summer Festival opens on May 7 and closes on May 25. Each event has limited spots available on a first-come, first-served basis: ELFIT Throwdown offers 20 spots per division, ELFIT Juniors also has a 20-athlete limit per division, and ELFIT Strongman is capped at 12 athletes per division. Participation fee ranges from 10 to 60 USD, depending on the category. All registration fees are final and non-refundable. To register, head to this link.

About the Organizer

Elfit is a brand in Egypt that grew globally, courtesy of CrossFit athletes across the globe. Elfit and its organizers started with community events in three CrossFit facilities in Egypt. Now, ElFit is a brand known by athletes across the globe.

To know more about the Egypt 2023 Elfit CrossFit Championship, head to Elfit’s Egypt official website or Facebook and Instagram pages. Alternatively, you can send an inquiry to info@elfiteg.com.


May 30 - 31 2024

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