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sinai mountains

Hathor Volume III

Ultra Egypt’s Hathor will return for another challenging event in the country’s majestic region. Hathor Volume III returns in December 2022 with more participants and activities, so trail runners are welcome.

Hathor For The Third Time

Hathor is Egypt’s first multi-stage ultra-trail run and Ultra Egypt’s flagship race taking place over two days in the majestic region of Serabit El Khadim, South Sinai, in December of every year. The race offers 50 KM, 100KM, and 130 KM races.

Timing and Location

The Hathor challenge will take place at the seldom-visited Serabit El Khadim from December 1 to 4. It’s about 85 KM south of Ras Sudr (Red Sea, Egypt) and over 30KM deep into the Sinai Peninsula. Serabit El Khadim is an ancient mining complex.

Registration Information

The registration for Hathor Volume III is open online. Head to this link, check your preferred race distance, and fill up the form. Once you do, someone from the team will contact you to complete the process.

About the Organizer

Ultra Egypt is a trail running organization that caters to beginners, intermediate, and professional trail runners. The organization holds epic races in legendary landmarks and locations in Egypt.

For more information about Hathor Volume III, visit Ultra Egypt’s official website or social media page on Instagram. Alternatively, you can send an email to run@ultraegypt.com.


Dec 01 - 04 2022

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