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El Shorouk City

Great Victory Run

Great Pharaoh Runners returns to the competitive scene with the 2023 edition of the Great Victory Run in October. The 10-kilometer race will once again offer the ultimate WA/AIMS-certified sports event in Egypt.

Race to Victory

The Great Victory Run is a 10-kilometer run open to all runners from Egypt and other parts of the world. Any participant willing to travel to the country and the event’s venue can compete. The organizer offers perks to overseas runners. Any overseas male runner who can finish the race under 32 minutes and any overseas female runner who can do the same under 39 minutes can take home free tickets and full race kits.

The five grand winners of the event will receive a gold medal, a winner’s cup, and prize money. All participants, meanwhile, will receive race bags, race numbers, t-shirts, and certificates.

Timing and Location

The starting point and the main venue of the race is at El-Sadat Road, 2nd District, El Shorouk City. Sunrise City is also the main venue for the Great Freedom Run, another annual event hosted by the Great Pharaoh Runners.

The race date is set for October 20, 7:00 AM. From the starting time, runners should aim to finish the race within 39 minutes to win, but the longest applicable time is 1 hour and 30 minutes for male runners and 1 hour and 45 minutes for female runners.

Registration Information

Registration for the Great Victory Run is open online. Head to this link to register and reserve your spot. The registration fee for the full ticket is 500 EGP, while the registration fee for the regular ticket is 400 EGP. The registration closes on October 1, at 11:59 PM.

About the Organizer

Great Pharaohs Runners is a dedicated running organization in Egypt that offers local, international, and WA/AIMS-certified events to athletes all over the world. For more information about The Great Victory Run, visit the organizer’s Facebook page and official website or send an inquiry to egyrunners@gmail.com.


Oct 20 2022

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El Shorouk City
El-Sadat Road, 2nd District, El Shorouk City
Great Pharaohs Runners


Great Pharaohs Runners