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El Shorouk City

Great Freedom Run

Great Freedom Run, the fastest half marathon in Egypt organized by Great Pharaohs Runners, invites runners across the globe to break their personal records, compete against athletes of the same wavelength, and explore the Greater Cairo area all at the same time in one race. The Great Freedom Run returns in 2022 this December.

Race to Freedom

The Great Freedom Run successfully debuted in 2019. The 2022 edition remains a 21.1 KM race open for amateur and professional runners. All interested female runners ages 18 and up and male runners ages 16 and up are welcome to register, join, and fly to the beautiful country of Egypt.

Elite runners are entitled to free accommodation on top of their registration fees, but all rules and regulations are equal to all come race day. The first five champions in the race will receive a gold medal and prize money.

Timing and Location

The race takes place at El Shorouk City, the “Sunrise City” in English. The city is located northeast of Cairo and north of New Cairo, so it’s the fastest route for a half marathon in the Arab area of Egypt. El Shorouk is a hot desert and it’s extremely dry most of the time, so participants are encouraged to prepare for the heat before the race.

The Great Freedom Run is set for December 2, 2022, Friday, at 7:30 AM. Since the race aims to be the fastest in Egypt, all runners should finish the race within 3 hours (male racers) to 3 hours and 15 minutes (female racers).

Registration Information

The registration for the event is now open. Head to this link to register and reserve your spot. The registration fee is 350 EGP, and it already comes with free certificates, refreshments, a race number, a t-shirt, and a free historical gift. The registration closes on November 18, at 9:59 PM.

About the Organizer

Great Pharaohs Runners is one of the most active running organizations in Egypt. The organization aims to provide the best long-distance sports for Egyptian and Arab athletes.

For more information about The Great Freedom Run, visit the organizer’s Facebook page and official website or send an inquiry to egyrunners@gmail.com.


Dec 02 2022

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El Shorouk City
El-Sadat Road, 2nd District, El Shorouk City
Great Pharaohs Runners


Great Pharaohs Runners