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Escape to Esla Valley by Escape Egypt

Thu, March 3, 2022 - Thu, March 6, 2022


Escape Egypt, an outdoor adventure organization, will host its first Escape To Esla Valley hiking trip in March. The trip offers an opportunity for locals and tourists to discover the hidden gems of Egypt outside the city. 

Escaping to Esla

The Escape To Esla Valley hiking trip is a 4-day event and is targeted towards newbies or first-time hikers who wish to discover the beauty of the northeastern extremity of Egypt. The location’s rugged road and flat valley are easy to access even for individuals who haven’t been there before. 

Aside from hiking, Escape Egypt will also host various outdoor activities like camping, tours, and traditional eat-outs with the local Bedouin tribes from St. Catherine. The local tribes in the area are professional tour guides who have been protecting the area and promoting tourism since it opened its doors for tourists.

Timing and Location

The Escape To Esla Valley will cover the beautiful valleys in South Sinai and all of Egypt. The main route is in Esla Valley, which connects Catherine and El-Tur. The trip begins on the evening of March 3 and ends on March 6 at 11 PM. Refer to the table below for the complete itinerary:

March 3, Thursday:

  • Gathering at 10 PM in the first Makram Ebeid
  • Leaves at exactly 10:30 PM

March 4, Friday

  • Arrival to Catherine in the morning
  • Hike to the village of Sebaia
  • Camping in Wadi Asla

*The time for the hike is about 6-7 hours, with rest in between

March 5, Saturday

  • Hike to Wadi Asla
  • Pass through Shaq Asla and Wadi Um Wajid
  • Camping in Wadi Um Wajid

*The time for the hike is about 8 hours, with rest in between

March 6, Sunday

  • Hike in Wadi Asla to the Al Qaa area, connecting the village of Al-Arej
  • Pick-up to the city of Al-Tur
  • Move to Cairo

*The time for the hike is approximately 4 hours

Registration Information

The registration for Escape To Esla Valley is open online. Head to Escape To Esla Valley’s event page to read the terms and conditions and access the COVID-19 restrictions, then contact the main representative at 01003960631 for registration. 

The early-bird registration is priced at 2,950 EGP, while the regular reservation is 3,250 EGP. The overall registration time for the event ends on February 21. The fee covers the aforementioned activities, meals, and transfers. Personal hiking and camping accessories and equipment are not included, so participants are required to bring their own sleeping bags.

About the Organizer 

Escape Egypt is an outdoor adventure organizer that offers activities like hiking, camping, and desert safari to help locals and tourists explore the culture and heritage of small towns all over Egypt. The organization operates in New Cairo.

For more information about the Escape To Esla Valley hiking trip, visit Escape to Egypt’s social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, you can contact the operators at 01003960631 or 01000465939.

Event Calendar

Thursday, March 3, 2022


Sunday, March 6, 2022

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