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Engine Nutrition by CrossFit Engine 38

Fri, April 1, 2022 - Fri, May 1, 2022


CrossFit Engine 38 will host a month-long Engine Nutrition program with Nora Wissa for Ramadan. This special program targets athletes, especially CrossFit athletes, who want to lose fat, gain muscle mass, develop better eating habits, and perform better in training.

The Ultimate CrossFit Nutrition Class

The Engine Nutrition program will serve as the ultimate resource for athletes who want to know what they need to eat for their specific sport. The program has a special Ramadan package for a month-long participation and a 2-3 month nutrition package for athletes who want an extended nutrition journey.

Nora Wissa will lead the program. She’s an ISSA Sport Nutrition Specialist and a CrossFit Level 1 trainer. With her background and experience, Nora has been helping many professional and amateur athletes from different sports achieve performance excellence since 2016.

Timing and Location

The Engine Nutrition program will run from April to May, covering the entirety of Ramadan in Egypt. The program may have multiple locations, depending on the appointment the participant will choose. Some activities and meetings may occur at CrossFit Engine’s branches in SODIC West, Downtown, and MUST.

Registration Information

The Ramadan Package for the Engine Nutrition program costs 1,500 EGP, while the 2-3 Month Nutrition Program costs 2,500 EGP. To register, pay the fees through the links attached on each package and complete the following requirements:

  1. Fill in the registration form
  2. Conduct an inbody assessment; you need to do have it done first thing in the morning before you get any food in
  3. Fill in this form from Nora’s website
  4. Request an appointment with Nora
  5. About the Organizer

CrossFit Engine 38 has been promoting the importance of health and fitness and offering world-class training services across Cairo since 2013. The brand now has three different locations in the region—in SODIC West, Downtown, and MUST (Misr University for Science and Technology).

For more information about the Engine Nutrition Program in Egypt and other events by CrossFit Engine 38, follow the organizers’ official website and social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.

Event Calendar

Friday, April 1, 2022


Sunday, May 1, 2022

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