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ELFIT Junior Competition

Sat, May 21, 2022
Zed Park - Sheikh Zayed


ELFIT Junior will take Egypt by storm this May, honing the next generation of ELFIT professionals and enthusiasts. For the first time ever, ELFIT is bringing Egypt a fitness event solely dedicated to kids and teens from 8 to 17 years old.

ELFIT For Youth Athletes

The event, dubbed as ELFIT Junior Competition, is open to kids and teens from all sports backgrounds and all fitness levels. There will be 5 age divisions, spanning from 8 to 17 years for both genders. The challenges are specifically designed to test all areas of athleticism for developing youth athletes and will include a combination of the following movements: run, sprint, squat, jump, crawl, lift objects.

ELFIT Junior Competition will consist of 6 challenges within each age division that will test athletes’ overall athleticism. Athletes ages 13 and younger will compete in 5 challenges that will test their endurance, speed or agility, bodyweight strength, and functional fitness, in addition to a ninja obstacle challenge. Athletes 14 and older, meanwhile, will compete in the 5 previous challenges as well as the strength-power test.

Timing and Location

The ELFIT Junior Competition will take place on May 21, 2022, at Zed Park, Sheikh Zayed, an amusement park in Egypt with a huge outdoor location that can cater to various fitness activities. The door opens at 08:00 AM EET.

Registration Information

The registration for the ELFIT Junior Competition is open online. Head to this link to register. The registration fee is 550 EGP (32 USD) per participant, and it already includes one athlete participation spot, event t-shirt, sack bag, and spectator ticket. The registration ends on May 15, 2022.

About ELFIT Juniors

ELFIT Juniors is under the umbrella of ELFIT Fitness Events, which is the biggest fitness events franchise in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa. For more information about the upcoming ELFIT Junior Competition, contact the organizer at or visit the official Facebook page of ELFIT Egypt.

Event Calendar

Saturday, May 21, 2022

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