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Egypt Kite / Dive Safari – Sea Story

Picture yourself aboard a luxurious yacht, floating near deserted islands in the stunning Red Sea, with endless opportunities for kitesurfing and relaxation. You can get that and more when you join Kitesafari Egypt’s Egypt Kite / Dive Safari – Sea Story in June 2024.

Your Sea Story in Egypt

The kite and dive safari offers participants of various skill levels to experience the thrill of kitesurfing in shallow and calm waters with perfect wind conditions. Scuba diving opportunities for beginner and certified divers are also on the itinerary. Wind speeds range from 15 to 30 knots, making this a dream come true for kitesurfing enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you prefer individual training, group lessons, or are an expert seeking the ultimate challenge, it has you covered.

For equipment, rentals for DUOTONE, OZONE, CABRINHA, NOBILE, and SU-2 boards are available. But feel free to bring your own equipment if you prefer.

Aside from kitesurfing lessons, the main highlight of the safari, you’ll also get fun and relaxation from other activities offered:

Evening Delights: After an action-packed day, relax on board under the starry sky, sipping on cocktails and sharing your day’s adventures with fellow participants. There’s no better place for bonding and making new friends than on our yacht anchored far from civilization.

Yoga and Jacuzzi: The Sea Story Yacht is a 5-star floating hotel equipped with luxurious cabins, daily yoga sessions, and a Jacuzzi to ensure comfort and relaxation.

Timing and Location

From June 8th to June 15th, embark on a remarkable 9-day journey aboard a 5-star floating hotel nestled on the picturesque shores of the Red Sea. This unforgettable experience promises a harmonious blend of opulent accommodation and stunning natural beauty, making it the perfect setting for an indulgent escape and kitesurfing and diving opportunities.

Registration Information

Registration for Kitesafari Egypt’s Egypt Kite / Dive Safari – Sea Story is open online. Head to this link to know more about the safari and book a spot. The price per person is 1380 EUR (44,962 EGP at the time of writing), and it already includes free kitesurfing insurance.

About the Organizer

Kitasafari Egypt conducts operations in numerous top kiteboarding destinations across the globe annually. While they explore various locations, their primary focus centers on Brazil and Egypt, particularly specializing in Kitesafari adventures in the Red Sea. Boasting two decades of experience and extensive worldwide travel, their expertise leaves no mysteries unsolved. They possess the unique ability to guide you to destinations that may remain beyond your reach if journeying alone.

Know more about Kitesafari Egypt’s Egypt Kite / Dive Safari – Sea Story by visiting the organizer’s official website or social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.


Jun 08 2023 - Oct 15 2023

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