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men and women weight loss training

Earned Volume 6

Engine 38 will kickstart Ramadan with the sixth volume of Earned, a weight loss program led by nutritionists, coaches, and other experts. Earned is a month-long training program with a total of 36 sessions in addition to following customized nutrition plans.

Lose Weight, Earn More

Earned is a one-month weight loss program with a total of 9 workouts, 6 days per week. The 9 workouts are split between strength and core training and high-intensity functional training: 3 training sessions for the former before iftar (fasting) and 6 training sessions for the latter after iftar.

Aside from workouts, there’s a tailored nutrition program designed for every participant. That’s why participants are required to get a body assessment and share their nutrition habits upon registration.

Timing and Location

The program is scheduled for the entire Ramadan and will occur simultaneously at Engine 38’s locations across Egypt– Sodic West, Downtown, and MUST University. Participants can choose their preferred location during registration.

Registration Information

Registration for Earned Volume 6 is open online. Head to this link to register, read the terms and conditions, know more about the schedule, and finalize payment. Refer to the list below for the list of available categories and their respective prices:

Early Bird Rates, till Mar 2, 2024

    Come Solo: EGP 3,000

Regular Rates

  • Come Solo: EGP 3,300
  • Bring a Friend: EGP 3,000 (each)
  • Pay in 2 installments: EGP 3,600 (split in half)

About the Organizer

Engine 38 has been promoting the importance of health and fitness and offering world-class training services across Cairo since 2013. The brand now has three different locations in the region—in SODIC West, Downtown, and MUST (Misr University for Science and Technology).

For more information about the Earned program in Egypt and other events from Engine 38, follow the organizers’ official website and social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.



Mar 10 2024 - Apr 08 2024

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