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Dance to Live

Fri, March 11, 2022 - Fri, March 17, 2022
Cairo & Nuweiba
Prema Yoga Studio, Cairo


Prema Yoga Studio, a yoga studio in Shorouk City, joined forces with Simonetta Ottone, an Italian professional global dancer with clinical experiences concerning dancing as a therapy, to host Dance to Live 2022. The event is the first dance therapy school in Egypt.

Dance to Live: Wellness Through Movement

Dance to Live is the first-ever dance therapy school in Egypt, and it will feature a 50-hour introductory course with Simonetta Ottone. Drawing inspiration from Maria Fux, the ballerina who teaches the disabled to dance, Dance to Live will focus on using the Maria Fux method and its aspects on dance therapy to promote change that can help dancers get out and gradually abandon rigidity, fear, instability, regardless of his or her psychological and physical condition.

The program is a great way to start learning and practicing dance movement therapy and dive into its infinite possibilities concerning one’s personal wellness and well-being. As such, it invites dancers and yoga enthusiasts with no previous experience.

Timing and Location

Dance To Live will have two sessions in 2022. The first session in Cairo takes place from March 11 to 16, while the second session is scheduled for March 17 to 19 in Habiba Organic Farm (HOF) in Nuweiba. Here’s the complete list of activities for both sessions:

Cairo (March 11 to 16)

  • Practical and theoretical lessons
  • Introduction to the Method
  • History of Free Dance
  • Maria Fux and Dance Therapy
  • The creative process
  • Free the body
  • Express yourself through the body

Habiba Organic Farm (HOF) Nuweiba in (March 17 to 19)

  • Practical and theoretical lessons:
  • The well-being of the body and mind
  • Dynamic meditation
  • Dance in nature
  • Dance as a rite: to improve the relationship with oneself and with others

Registration Information

The registration for Dance to Live, the first dance therapy school in Egypt, is open online. Head to this link to register, read the membership rules, and confirm your slot. The early bird registration is valid until February 25.

About the Organizer

Prema Yoga Studio is a beginner-friendly, multi-style yoga and healing studio in Shorouk City. The studio holds regular yoga classes, as well as special events with professional guests like the upcoming Dance to Live.

For more information about Dance to Live, head to the event’s official website page or visit Prema Yoga Studio’s social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, you can contact +20 106 5522375 directly.

Event Calendar

Friday, March 11, 2022


Thursday, March 17, 2022



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