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wadi degla

6 KM Family Clean Up at Roody 50X

Wadi Degla is a natural protected area located in Zahraa Maadi. It’s one of very few protectorates located in a city worldwide. It has lately been affected by continuous littering from visitors, and the efforts of the protectorate staff cannot cope with the large amounts of trash piling up week after week.

Ultra Ibex has recognized the need to step in and help clean up the Wadi from the increasing trash and organized the Family Clean-up run. This event will help clean the Wadi in the short term. Whereas the event revenue will be donated to the protectorate in the form of trash collection bins to reduce littering in the long term

Join Ultra Ibex in this fun run and help clean up Wadi Degla Protectorate simultaneously.

Timing and Location

The 6 KM Family Clean-Up Run will take place on September 3, same time and venue as the Roody 50X event—at Wadi Degla Protectorate. The program starts at 7 AM.

Registration Information

The registration for the 6 KM Family Clean-Up Run is open online, and there are two options for the tickets:

  • 6 km Clean up run (400 EGP including t-shirt and medal)
  • 6 km Clean up run (250 EGP including medal only)

Head to this link to register, read the terms and conditions, and confirm your slot. Once you complete registration, Ultra Ibex will send you the detailed race guide and the payment link.

About the Organizer

Ultra Ibex promotes trail running by organizing events and raising awareness of the sport. For more information about Wadi Ibex 6 KM Family Clean-Up Run, visit the organizer’s social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.


Sep 03 2022

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