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50-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Join TataWise Monkeys for an inspiring 50-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with renowned instructor Shyam Gurung. This immersive course will explore the art and science of Vinyasa Flow, covering its origins, principles, essential elements, poses, breathwork, and terminology.

Vinyasa Yoga From The Roots

Dive deep into the origins and history of Vinyasa yoga and uncover the roots and evolution of this dynamic style with the help of TataWise Monkeys and Shyam Gurung! This course is best suited for yoga teachers who want to be an expert in Vinyasa yoga. Here are the key areas you can learn from the training:

  • Principles of Vinyasa: Learn the guiding principles behind seamless movement and breath.
  • Elements of Vinyasa: Understand the key components that create fluid transitions.
  • Common Vinyasa Yoga Poses: Master foundational and advanced poses used in Vinyasa sequences.
  • Ujjayi Breath Coordination: Harness the power of breath-synchronized movement.
  • Terminology and Phrases: Acquire the language to guide and enhance your Vinyasa practice.

Timing and Location

The 50-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Shyam Gurung will take place from June 8 to June 14 at Tata Wise Monkeys yoga studio located in Kafr Abdo—a perfect place for yoga for its peaceful atmosphere and conducive learning environment.

Registration Information

Registration for the training is open online. The participation fee starts at 25000 EGP. You can get an early-bird discount until the 20th of May for 20000 EGP. For booking, call or message 01013870780. The organizer’s representative will reach out to you regarding the payment details and other registration procedures.

About the Organizer

Tata Wise Monkeys is a yoga studio in Alexandria that offers yoga, meditation, massage, and spiritual healing. For more information about the retreat or other events by Tata Wise, contact 03 5160 221 or 01013870780. You can also visit their Facebook page or website.


Jun 08 - 14 2024

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