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100 KM Pharaonic Race

The iconic and one of the oldest races in Egypt, the 100 KM Pharaonic Race, is coming your way this November 2022. The race will once again challenge participants, locals and tourists, to compete between the beautiful areas of Sakkara Pyramid and Faiyum Oasis.

Pharaonic Race in 2022

The Pharaonic Race has been around since 690-655 B.C., during the reign of king Taharka, when the king went to inspect an army camp and found the soldiers in perfect physical fitness. It was then that he laid down the rules for the running race. Pharaonic soldiers run a race of 100 KM to compete for the title. Up until today, the race is still being held on the same route and is being recognized by locals and tourists.

The 2022 edition of the Pharaonic Race will again be under the official series of the Egyptian Marathon, with sponsors, organizers, and participants from all over the country.

Timing and Location

The Pharaonic Race 2022 is set for November 11. The whole race will mostly take place in Fayoum—in the area between Sakkara Pyramid and Faiyum Oasis, passing by Memphis, Dahshur Pyramid, Elleshet Pyramid, Kefren Pyramid, and ending at Hawara Pyramid.

Registration Information

The registration for Pharaonic Race 2022 is not yet open. The official page for the Egyptian Marathon will announce the registration details soon, together with the participation fee, terms, and conditions.

About the Organizer

The Egyptian Marathon has its own committee composed of designated tourism and sports officials in the region. To know more about the Egyptian Marathon and other official marathons hosted in Egypt, head to the event’s official website or Facebook page.


Nov 11 2022

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